Should I Paint my Kitchen Cabinets White?

You probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Whether you cook, clean, or just eat in there, you find yourself looking at your cabinets a lot. And you may be very tired of looking at the same, ugly cabinets for the past few years. While previous homeowners occasionally make timeless choices for the home, most of them do what is popular and considered “modern” at the time. And that is okay! We all do it. But times change and so should your cabinets.


There’s a good chance you have oak cabinets in your house. This was a very popular look in the 1990’s, but it has since gone out of style. If you would like to update your cabinets without replacing them, then painting them white will help update the look of your entire kitchen without installing new cabinets.


Why White is Best for Kitchen Cabinets

The color white will immediately update the look and feel of your entire kitchen.And just by painting your kitchen cabinets white, you will have a more pleasing aesthetic that looks beautiful and contemporary.

White kitchen cabinets also help with resale value. Freshly painted cabinets with a popular finish will help you sell your house more quickly and at a better price. Even if you are not planning on putting your house on the market anytime soon, it is good to know that houses with white kitchen cabinets typically get better offers than those that do not.
White cabinets can also help cover up any wear and tear they have acquired from over the years. Your cabinets might be a bit of an eyesore and it’d be nice to give them a fresh look. If you’re worried that white will only accentuate the problems, don’t be! The areas that have wear and tear can be prepped by sanding and priming.A bright, new look will bring a lot of value to your kitchen space.
If you have already updated other areas of your kitchen, like the flooring, hardware, countertops and appliances, then your kitchen cabinets may stand out in a negative way. You can update them with a new coat of white paint to match the rest of your modern kitchen.
Still not sold on white? That’s okay. If you are unsure of going with white for kitchen cabinets, then you could try a light gray. It will still brighten up the space and give your kitchen a more contemporary feel.


Painting your kitchen cabinets is a great way to update the look of your entire kitchen. You can highlight the other renovations you have already done or just use your cabinets to brighten the look and feel of your kitchen. While painting is much less work than installing new cabinets, repainting cabinets is still a big project. It requires significant prep and time to get everything perfect, so be prepared for it take longer than just painting a wall.

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