How Much Does Interior Painting Cost?  

How Much Does Interior Painting Cost?


Any time you take on a home improvement project, you will have a lot of questions. One of the most pressing questions is usually: “How much will it cost?” We get it. You want someone to do a great job, but you also have a budget! While the cost of painting will vary based on the size of the job, there are some general ideas to remember when planning your budget. Here is how much an interior painting job will cost.

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Know the Area

The first thing to know is that the cost of your painting job largely depends on how much area you are painting. Both materials and labor increase as the job scope and size increases. One of the reasons labor increases is because of the detailing involved in interior painting. Your painter must take the time to tape or drop cloth any sensitive areas near the painting area. This can take a lot of time!


Another factor to consider are rooms that are very tall. These rooms take much longer to paint especially if ceilings are being painted. A roller extender may be needed in this scenario and the worker will also need a ladder, which will need to be moved around often.


In addition to this, your walls may need some extra TLC before painting can begin. Check out the number of cracks that need to be sealed with caulking or holes that need spackling. This will take extra time to complete properly. If you think you may need some drywall patching, talk to your painter first. They should be able to do this!


Finally, consider how large of an area and how many rooms you want to be painted. Are you painting just the walls? Or would you like to paint the ceiling, trim, and doors? These types of services can add up, especially if you are on a tight budget. If you want to make a change in your home that is more budget-friendly, then just have the walls painted.


Paint Decisions

Now that you have a better idea about space, it’s time to consider what type of paint and how many different colors you want to use. More colors mean more lines for the painter to “cut in.” This also means more money from your budget. (“Cutting in” means the painter has to make a new line and this often involves taping, and sometimes caulking, new lines.)


In addition, there are many different sheens of paint that can be used including flat, eggshell and semi-gloss. The number of sheens you choose can also impact price since each sheen needs to be “cut in” separately.


Color consulting will increase your budget, but it adds a lot of value to your painting job. It is extremely important to pick the right paint for an interior project! We highly recommend using a color consultant, but there may be an additional cost for these types of services.


Are you ready to look at numbers? So are we! The price of a typical bedroom will vary due to location and market but here’s some pricing for our company, Mountain Skyline Painting in Colorado:


Budgeting for a home improvement project