Simple Interior Painting Ideas

Simple Interior Painting Ideas

Looking for some paint ideas? It’s always fun to change the color of a room. It can open up a space and make it seem more welcoming and cozier. However, it can be nerve wracking trying to decide what will improve a room and what will make it worse. No one wants to have to paint a room twice! If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are a few ideas for fun and simple interior painting projects.

Focus on High Traffic Areas

If you’d like to make a big change without taking a big hit to your budget, then focus on painting a high traffic area. These are places like your entryway, foyer and family rooms – places that you see the most and that most visitors will see. This is a great way to make a change without taking on a big project. If you’re curious as to how much paint you will need, try a paint calculator like this one.
Paint an Accent Wall

Another way to stay under budget, is to just paint one wall. This wall, called an accent wall, can add a new dimension to any room. Usually, an accent wall is much darker than the other walls in the room and coordinates well with the lighter base color. You can paint an accent wall in your entry way, gallery, fireplace mantle or any smaller built-in niches throughout your home.

Change the Sheen

If you want to give your room more of a “pop,” then consider using an eggshell sheen. This sheen adds just a little shine which can make your room seem brighter. This sheen is also easier to wash, so it is perfect if you have small children! However, if you want to hide some blemishes or want to paint your ceiling, then go for a flat sheen. This will give your room more dimension and hide any flaws you can’t cover with furniture or accessories.
Paint the Fireplace

You may have never considered painting your fireplace, but it is a great way to change the look of a room. You can paint it many different colors for an updated look that fits into your personal style. If you have watched Fixer Upper, then you know that painting a fireplace can be done! On the show, they often used German Shmear, which is a type of faux painting that adds an elegant look to an old brick fireplace. It offers old world charm with a rich updated finish.

**I had a hard time finding a picture that was licensed for reuse. Here’s a link to an Instagram post that looks great! I am pretty sure that’s what German Shmear is.J

Paint Over the Oak

If you have a lot of natural wood in your home, you can paint it white to update the look and feel of your home. Oak was a very popular look in the 90’s, so many homes still sport this look. You can prime and paint these areas white to make a room look more modern. Many people find that they really love this look because it instantly brightens up the home and makes it look years, if not decades newer!

No matter what kind of project you want to take on, choosing the right colors are hugely important! You want to pick a color that will look beautiful for years come, so choosing the right colors will make or break your project. A great virtual color consultant can help you choose the perfect colors for your home that match your personal taste and design style. Currently, grey is a very popular color choice, but it largely depends on your own taste. Not all grays are created equal and can be super tricky to choose on your own. For example, a gray can look blue, green, brown or purple. A virtual color consultant will assist you in finding the right colors for your home. A great virtual color consultant to work with can be found at: