Mountain Skyline Painting Community Spotlight Feat. Josh Berendes

Cameron: Hey guys how’s it going? I’m Cameron with Mountain Skyline Painting. I’m here today with Josh Berendes. Josh, how are you doing?

Josh Berendes: Doing good. Thanks for having me!

Cameron: Absolutely. So, today we’re just going to talk a little bit about Josh’s company; Berendes Media.

He’s an awesome guy who started up a business and we’re just going to find out more about what he does. So, Josh tell me a little bit about your business.

Josh Berendes: Yeah. So, I recently graduated college about two years ago now and I moved out here to Denver 6 months ago and I basically do freelance videographer and photography.
90% of what I do is about video.

So, I get some photography stuff that comes in, a lot of times when people ask me if I can do headshots, like family portraits, I kind of pass it off to someone else.

But I kind of really do a little bit of everything really.
Like with just starting up, you kind of have to take it to where you can get and kind of build your portfolio.

But I’ve done everything from like; weddings, concerts, festivals, engagement videos, branding videos, that’s kind of my bread and butter, documentaries, you name it, I’ve done it.

Cameron: What’s your favorite niche… you know, out of all of these?

Josh Berendes: I would say in doing short documentaries…

Cameron: Nice.

Josh Berendes: I’d say in the last 6 months, I’ve come out with three short documentaries and those have been my favorite and I’m working on one right now, hopefully, will be done within a couple of weeks.

Cameron: That sounds good. And do you like working in Colorado?

Josh Berendes: Oh, yeah… You know what? I used to be in Iowa a lot and then like I make a short film about farming in Iowa and just listening to the farmers talk about it, it was just like, you know what, this is a pretty cool place.

But that being said, the mountains, over corn fields, I’ll take that any day.

Cameron: So, tell us a little bit about that Josh, you said that corn fields, where are you from?

Josh Berendes: I’m from Iowa, a small town, a town of fifteen hundred people, up in North-West Iowa.

So tucked in with Minnesota and Nebraska and South Dakota up in that corner.
Fifteen hundred people in my town, graduated with twenty-four kids in my class, in my grade.

Cameron: Wow… Do they have Google Maps up there or you just write it down?

Josh Berendes: Yeah. So it’s quite there… When I tell people that, they are like wow, that’s tiny and a lot of people are like, where you really overwhelmed when you moved here?

And I am like, I feel more comfortable here than I did back home. I just embraced it, I love it.

Cameron: That’s great. So, you got here and you’ve been taking on some projects. What is the bulk of your work right now that you’re doing?

Josh Berendes: So it’s a little bit of everything. Right now I’m doing safety construction videos at the new hospital that is being built on C-40… 470 and so basically it’s just them teaching safety instructions, it’s really boring stuff but it pays the bills…

Cameron: Well that’s good.

Josh Berendes: Then I’m doing product photos for a couple that makes travel bags. I’m doing branding videos.

What else am I doing right now? Some editing projects for some other clients. So every week it’s just different, every week I have someone else who comes in and I am like…

Well, I haven’t done that before but I know I can do it.

Cameron: Yeah, absolutely. And then you know before people hire you what’s one thing that people should know before they hire a videographer like yourself?

Josh Berendes: I’d say do your research. I’d say that.

So, a couple weeks ago I met with someone who was a referral and then we met, and like, hey, these people are looking for video, you’re a videographer.

So I met up with them and we sat down, we never met but I looked them up online, the business, did my research into who they are.

And I sat down and we were talking and I was like so you probably know what I do and have been to my website, and they are like, No.

I was like, okay, well this is what I do, this is my background and this is what I’ve done in the past.

And then I’m like, do you have any ideas of what you want to do for a video. And they are like, well, we were hoping that you would tell us that.

I am like, you know your business better than I know, it’s your business.

Cameron: Right.

Josh Berendes: And there’re so many different things you can do with video. Do you want to do testimonials?

Do you want to do branding videos? Before and after? Like drone footage, you name it.

There are so many different things that you can do. So I think there’s a lot to think about, but just having an idea like maybe what you want to do.

And what’s your goal? Do you want to promote a product or service, do you want to have a special sale video?

I mean there are so many different things you can do with videos, so it’s tough to really understand what it is exactly.

Going to any meeting with any client or any other business person, make sure that you always try to do your research ahead of time, so you can ask the right questions or know what they’re doing.

Say with the interviews, when you are hired for a job, you are actually looking up to the company.

So, just basic research and having an idea of maybe some examples of… say I’ve never done a dentist video before.

So if a dentist approaches me and maybe they had some ideas of different videos dentists have done in the past right.

Having those, I kind of like this, but I am not certain on exactly this.

Cameron: Sure, that makes sense. Sorry, as you were talking, obviously, the thing that popped out to me was the drone.

So, can you tell us a little bit about what you’re doing in that space of drones? It’s kind of a sort of thing that’s blowing up recently.

Josh Berendes: Yes, so I actually just got my license on Friday.

I took my small pilot test. So, waiting for like 2 or 3 weeks until all paper works are done and I get my certificate. But yeah, basically with drones, there are so many different things you can do.

Basically, I did a video with Steve Cruz, and he was just talking about how he’s in the Denver area.

So, in the video, to make things a little more interesting I just did a drone video, a 5-second clip of downtown Denver.

So, like any video really can incorporate drones, it’s a good way to establish location.

Cameron: Very cool.

Josh Berendes: So if we were doing a good interview, like me and you talking. I want to take a shot of the house with the drone shots.

Like, okay, they are in the house. So this must be Keme’s house. So there are so many different things you can do with drones, aerial photography video, you can do like a live stream from drone too.

I have tested that out once and it didn’t go so well, it was like a year ago, I was still trying to figure out how to use the drone.

So I mean there’s a lot of potential with drone work.

Cameron: Awesome, thank you for that Josh. A couple of more off-topic questions, do you have a favorite kind of coffee?

Josh Berendes: You know, it depends on my mood, either I’m black with no cream, I like cream, sometimes I like caramel syrup, it just really depends… Chai lattes, I like those, but I really don’t have a specific drink.

But when I edit, I usually have like three different types of drinks. I usually have like a coffee or some kind of caffeine.

I always have water, I like having a beer or a glass of wine or a glass of whiskey.

Cameron: Whiskey, I like it.

Josh Berendes: I always have like three, if you look at my desk there’s like three glasses on my desk most times.

It’s just I don’t know why, I just need that energy and then they take the edge off, frustration, I have to stay hydrated…

Cameron: I like it, it’s like you know, you got to get your water, get your whiskey, get your coffee, and it’s like a trifecta, that’s perfect.

As far as Colorado goes Josh, do you have a favorite spot? So far let’s say that you visited in Colorado yet?

Josh Berendes: You know I feel like I have done a lot of exploring but I still feel like I haven’t done a lot, there’s so much to see.

I really like Vail, I went up to Vail about a few weeks ago, just to check it out. I wanted to go check out the hot springs, they have some hot springs in a few different areas in Colorado…

I really want to get out of the west up into the mountains, I have been in Granby a lot, I’ve been in Park a lot, but I have never really gone too far past that.

Cameron: Nice. So I just want to say Josh is such an awesome guy.

I met him about maybe 4 or 5 months ago when he came into a BNI group that we are in, and I highly recommend his business.

Josh, with people looking for you… What’s the best way to get a hold of you?

Josh Berendes: I’d say the best way to see what I do is on Instagram and YouTube. Best way to get a hold of me.

I leave a message on all the social media platforms all the time, but I’d say Email is probably the best…

If you are looking for just something quick, if you are on Instagram, I message all the people all the time on Instagram.

Cameron: And maybe we can put a little on the bottom of this, your e-mail address and some contact info so people can reach out…

Josh Berendes: Yes, totally.

Cameron: Again this is Josh. He’s such an awesome guy.