Mountain Skyline Painting Community Spotlight Feat. Dave Glaser

Dave Glaser Community Spotlight

Cameron: Hey, how is it going guys? I am here with Dave Glaser from Fit Life Champions. Dave, how are you doing?

Dave Glaser: I am good, thank you, Cameron!

Cameron: Good to see you.

Dave Glaser: Wonderful to see you, thanks for having me.

Cameron: Absolutely, it’s so good to have you out here. Today, we are just going to talk a little bit about Dave’s business, Dave is such an inspirational guy, just incredible when it comes to staying fit and positive, we are just going to talk to him today.

So Dave, let’s talk about the genesis of your company, how long ago did you start it up and tell me a little bit about the process of that start.

Dave Glaser: Of course, it has been exactly 6 years, next month. My mom was my first client, she wanted to keep going with her own fitness journey once she moved back from California to Colorado.

And I would meet her once a week in person at a local 24-hour fitness which is kind of fun, and then we got busted because it’s not encouraged to bring your own clients into somebody else’s gym.

I was certified, I needed the money and she asked me to find something more private and I did, I found a very large private studio space in Denver and grew from one client to three, to five, back to three, up to ten.

And then pretty much held steady with an 84% increase from year 1 to year 2 in business.

Cameron: Wow!

Dave Glaser: That’s pretty much how I started, and now we focus on 25 to 40-year old busy adults that want to boost self-confidence, decrease stress and also boost energy too.

Cameron: That’s awesome, and Dave how many years ago was this? Just so I get a sense?

Dave Glaser: 6.

Cameron: This was 6 years ago, wow! So, here you are in year 6, and in the beginning, when you started, did you have a certain kind of clientele that you were looking for right off the battery or you were just marketing everybody?

Dave Glaser: I was similar to a lot of businesses; I would work with anybody. Well, what started to gravitate towards me were female clients, ages 30 to 40.

When they would come for a consultation, they would say, Dave, if you can do that with your 58-year old mother… what can you do with me at 30?

And we started small group training with 2 or 3 clients at the time, and these group of girls, about 9 of them saw tremendous results before they went to Vegas vacation together.

Cameron: Wow! That’s amazing. So, what are some of the things, like improvement-wise that you see from people when you start working with them?

Dave Glaser: Well, we see an immediate response of soreness and kind of like an empowerment, like they feel all puffed up and self-confident, and that’s what we love to see because, it’s the motivation that gets you started, but it’s the discipline that keeps you going.

So, having that partnership with either a team around your community, around you, or a trainer that stands with you or coaches you online, that’s the key factor to keep us going, it is discipline.

Cameron: Interesting. So, what I am hearing then is that to stay focused, it is good to be surrounded by a community of people that are positive. Is that right?

Dave Glaser: That’s right. Other people who want you to succeed and want you to win, because you are similar to them…

If a new client comes in our small group environment, and they see somebody 3 years into their journey, they say, I would like to be motivated by that person right there, every single class period.

And then they just kind of form this bond, whether it’s spoken or unspoken or simply just watching from afar.

I have seen this progression of this one client for a year now and
I didn’t think it was possible, but then I saw it happen and now I want that for myself.

Cameron: Absolutely. And Dave, what do you see as the most impactful way to reach people?

Is it meeting with them on a regular basis, maybe doing a little bit of consulting over their computer? What’s the best way to keep them fired up?

Dave Glaser: We like to meet our clients where they are at. If a client is motivated on their own, then online training is perfect for them, they have free weekly workout that they can do on their own, in their gym of choice.

Sometimes people need just a little bit more accountability and a little bit more consistency with speaking to somebody professional and that’s where our hybrid program comes into play.

Once a week in person, whether it’s small group training or one-on-one with the trainer, then online training that compliments that, in a gym of your choice.

And then if somebody is brand new, they need to build a baseline of strength and cardiovascular fitness, then they come to see you 3 times a week.

And that’s where our coach, either in small group trainings, or one-on-one can work with the client to help them reach their specific goals, and then eventually they graduate to one of the other levels or graduate from the program entirely.

Cameron: Okay. So, you are working with people obviously and getting them fit, what else can they be doing in terms of while they are not with you, what are some of the impactful ways? Like for example, health-wise, things that you recommend?

Dave Glaser: We have a set of 7 healthy habits that people can implement in their life right now to make a great change, and we always tell them, step number 1 is making time.

Make time for exercise, make time for meal prep, make time for shopping for the meal prep, items that are healthy, fresh, bean, protein… a lot of color in your nutrition plan is a good thing.

So, make time for yourself, make time for exercise, make time for meal planning, so that you are not scrambling last minute to come up with something for dinner, I know we’ve all been in that situation, we are busy, right?

Cameron: Absolutely, a lot of the time.

Dave Glaser: And then, step 2; Eat slowly, which might surprise you. When we are taking the time to plan out those meals, but then we scoff it down, we are not letting our gut tell our brain that we are full.

So, as Americans, we tend to over-eat, just in each and every meal, and that adds up over time, you cannot outrun a bad diet.

Cameron: Yes, and Dave, that’s a great point about eating too fast, I feel like you are talking directly to me right there.

You know, as far as anything, what are some don’ts, as far as things that burn people out, or perhaps lower their motivation?

Dave Glaser: Physiologically speaking, I would recommend, don’t go too hard, too fast, because you are going to be prone to injury or you are going to experience a plateau sooner than you might.

So, 3 to 4 days per week, in the beginning, is great for exercise, and that’s anywhere near 30 to 60 minutes.

And you will see a dramatic change in your body composition and in your strength overall, and then also in your performance throughout the rest of the day too.

You will have more energy at work, you will have more energy for your family and you will actually be compounding overtime this small changes daily.

Cameron: Absolutely. That sounds like a very smart idea. Dave, we’ve talked to you, at least I have before about some of your best success stories, people that you’ve worked with.

Can you please give us an example of somebody that you worked with and just the progress that they showed?

Dave Glaser: This is the best part of my job actually. So, we have two really great success stories, I will give you a male and a female if we have enough time.

A friend of mine comes to me and he was a former co-worker of mine. And he says, Dave, I have been watching your journey.

I watched you go through school, I watched you get these certifications, I watched you start a business, I am 75 pounds’ overweight, it’s not the gym that’s the problem, I go to the gym 5 to 6 days a week.

He’s a powerlifter, so heavyweights, and wants to get strong, and he said it is my nutrition, it is my lifestyle.

So, instead of going to McDonalds 6 days a week on his way to work at
6:30 in the morning, we taught him how to meal-prep for his busy work week.

Spend 2 hours a week on a Sunday, to prepare your breakfast, snacks, lunch and your afternoon snack ahead of your busy work week and you are guaranteed to save 5 to
10 hours of your time.

And in 16 months of habitually sticking to this routine, he lost 75 pounds and 24% body fat.

Cameron: Wow! That’s incredible.

Dave Glaser: So, as a by-product, we may have actually added 20 years to his life, because of preventing chronic diseases like diabetics or heart disease, or even exercise can prevent Alzheimer’s which is creeping up on the list of all-time killers of the American.

Our female best success story is very similar actually… Dian came to me and she was like, I am coming to the gym, 4 to 5 days a week, I am working nights as a nurse, but I just can’t seem to break through this plateau.

I want you to help me with nutrition and fitness and she reached out to me about nutrition first and I am happy to help to help there and when we set the consultation.

She said let’s talk about fitness also because she knew that there was just something wrong in her routine, she was doing things backward or out of order and she just didn’t have the science behind it.

So we booked a consultation, and she came to see me once a week for in-person, one-on-one coaching, and then up to 3 weeks on her own, and then in 8 and a half months, she lost 8 and a half percent body fat and 15 pounds.

And she was no longer stressed and anxious about her night shifts, she actually switched to day, she started dating her personal trainer

She really turned her life around, and 3 and a half years later, she is still an online client working out on her own, 3 days a week in Colorado.

Cameron: That’s incredible, that’s a great story on how you can shift not only your mindset but start feeling better overtime with some good discipline.

So, before somebody would hire you, Dave, as a prospective client, what’s something they should know before they get going and give you a call?

Dave Glaser: We have a lot of fun when we work out together, we are not high-pressure militaristic type leaders, we are actually empathic, and we meet you where you are at, and we give you suggestive demands.

We don’t always want to feel the soreness from our workout, so we say, if you want to get to your goals quickly and safely, I suggest you do these 10 exercises today.

And it is totally up to you if you jump on board with that program because you are the willing participant, but I guarantee that if you jump on this program, and this system, scientifically proven research program design, you will reach your goals quickly and safely.

And you will have a lot of fun doing it, you are going to impress a lot of people doing it too.

Cameron: That’s fantastic, I love it, Dave. Thank you so much, is there anything else you wanted to mention or say that was on your mind?

Dave Glaser: We offer a complimentary consultation, that’s part of our process, it’s a
$125 value, and during that time, we are going to sit down and talk about your goals specifically.

We are going to put a plan in place, how to get to those goals, and we are also going to do body compositions and strength assessments too, to establish where you are at now, and track that data over time, so that we can actually see those numbers change.

It’s almost like a time lapse of who you are at that time in your life, and we’ve had clients for 6 years, my first client, my mom is still with us, and we can look at her data, her numbers over the course of 6 years, and kind of see where her life was at.

It’s truly a great part of the journey to be objective and kind of analyze how much growth we’ve seen over time.

Cameron: That’s so cool. So, for anybody looking out to reach out to you, what is the best way to get a hold of you?

Dave Glaser: is the best place to reach me, and you can book your complimentary consultation in the menu bar at the top. Otherwise, our telephone numbers are on that website as well, you can reach out to me by phone.

Cameron: Dave is such an awesome guy, I am just honored to have you here today and talk to you about your business, he is so inspirational, I highly recommend you get a hold of him, Dave thanks again.

Dave Glaser: I appreciate it Cameron, thank you very much.

Cameron: Thank you very much.