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Mountain Skyline Painting Community Spotlight Feat. Dave Glaser

Dave Glaser Community Spotlight Cameron: Hey, how is it going guys? I am here with Dave Glaser from Fit Life Champions. Dave, how are you doing? Dave Glaser: I am good, thank you, Cameron! Cameron: Good to see you. Dave Glaser: Wonderful to see you, thanks for having me. Cameron: Absolutely, it’s so good to

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Mountain Skyline Painting Community Spotlight Feat. Josh Berendes

Cameron: Hey guys how’s it going? I’m Cameron with Mountain Skyline Painting. I’m here today with Josh Berendes. Josh, how are you doing? Josh Berendes: Doing good. Thanks for having me! Cameron: Absolutely. So, today we’re just going to talk a little bit about Josh’s company; Berendes Media. He’s an awesome guy who started up

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